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>Lynette and Mark Get Hitched – Cranbrook wedding photographer


Here it is! My Moyie Lake/Eagles Nest Resort Wedding.  I started my day with Lynette, her bridesmaids and her daughters at the Taupe Hair Salon in Cranbrook. And what better Canadian way to start than with some good ol’ Tim Horton’s coffee’s!

Lynette and Mark wanted to do things differently for their wedding and we came up with some good fun ideas for pictures. But it wasn’t just the pictures it was the whole wedding, right from the vows you knew it was going to be fun, with such things as ” Do you promise not to talk during the 7th game of the Stanley Cup Playoffs?”  This kind of humor was perfect as the two of them are always joking around.  At one point I was waiting to see if the dress was coming off to reveal a Hockey Jersey…

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Mark – “When your done could you grab me another beer?”  Lynette – “Yes dear right after you do the dishes”

Mark – “Dammit. who knew there could be so many dishes at the camp ground? Haven’t you heard of paper plates?”

Married with Children…

Lynette – “If you do it I swear…!!!”

>Baby Shane – Calgary Newborn Photographer


Not so long ago I had the opportunity to shoot Kylie and Darren for their Maternity shoot.  That shoot can be seen here.
After I got home from a surprise trip to Vegas for my 30th birthday (Thanks my wonderful hunny!)
I made sure to get over to Darren and Kylie’s house as I knew they had already had their new bundle of joy.

Now Shane was a little older than a ‘regular’ newborn shoot so I new that he wouldn’t be so sleepy all the time.  I knew he would pee on some of my props and I knew that Mom and Dad would stress about him ‘not cooperating’.  So as usual I let them know that I just want to capture him as he is and if that means he pees on my stuff or wants to be awake for the shoot that we can handle anything that comes our way!

And he did end up peeing and was awake most of the time but in the end I think it was a very successful shoot and we got enough images to cover the walls of the nursery for sure!

Here are the resulting images from that shoot, Enjoy!