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>Kylie and Darren are Expecting – Calgary Maternity Photographer


Like the post title says, this awesome couple is expecting a new bundle of joy any day now!  I had decided I wanted to get a few different locations done in this one session so I chose to go to the Ramsay area.  Problem was in all my planning for the shoot I overlooked the fact that it was sneak a peek for The Calgary Stampede that night.  That meant no parking in and or around that area, without a proper local resident parking pass.  

I got there early to scope out the locations I had in mind and good thing because I had to sweet talk the Parking Patrol to allow me to park in the area.  I got the okay with a warning of ‘even if the guys come by they could be ruthless and still tag and tow you’.  So off we went to get the shoot done!  During the session I was stressing a bit, and a few times I had to look around to see if there was any patrols around. As lucky as we could be we didn’t end up getting a ticket or towed! All though thinking about it, even if I had it still would have been worth it to hang out with these guys and get some seriously awesome photos!

I am excited to meet their little one when he/she arrives and get some more great photos to add to the portfolio and grace their walls!

With this post I am going to try something new… Help Kylie and Darren by commenting on this post I will give them a free gift!  Just leave some love below by clicking the ‘comment’ link…



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